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MMD Caxceber Pack by CaxceberXVI
MMD Caxceber Pack
 actually this is HALF of the reason.
the pack has been severly cut down . by about 30 models actually
some just werent very good
some i just couldnt face giving out because they were purely head cannon serving
the pack isnt actually up at this exact moment because i need to do the credits. 
but if you comment or note ill send you them out
and if you give individual lists of the ones you want ill have to reserve you a special place in my hell.
just take them all and delete the ones you dont want to use.

that secret one is for people i know and trust not to F around with it.

i will be checking peoples pages before and after giving them the download
before : to make sure you aret just mucking around
after to make sure you are crediting properly.

with that said 

Halloween (possible teaser?) by CaxceberXVI
Halloween (possible teaser?)
i say possible because i have an idea for a little halloween comic, as has become cusomary from myself. but i dont know if i can be arsed making it. im doing a lot of school stuff and hopefully ill be working for most of the halloween week

the comic would involve caxy and lea on an halloween adventure and maybe akumaru at the end?
might finally have some money ...

caxceber by kazuki9484 , caxceberxvi and Lexalice for the edit
axel by roxasxiiiaxelviii
stage by kazuki9484
stuff by 0-0alice-0-0
all credit goes to Square enix 
Where's the mobile search bar gone?


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could any mmd users please send me a link to the latest version of MMD? i recently had a laptop scare and lost my version. its the one with the drop down menues for the facials and its mostly translated
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After you finish vacuuming the living room you hear the doorbell ring. You answer it to find a tall man with blond hair neatly gelled back. He wore sun glasses in which you could see his catlike pupils glowing a yellow with hint of orange. His outfit consisted of a long sleek glossy leather coat, leather gloves, sleek leather pants and matching leather boots. He smiles at you but it comes off as more sinister then friendly “Did you happen to favourite apiece from Mobis-New-Nest gallery?” Albert Wesker asks in a British accent. With a sceptical look you nod. He then attempts to reach and grab you but is suddenly stopped when someone grabs and knocks him down away from your door. Soon the front of your property becomes a battle ground as Wesker spars with another man who was hulking with muscle and has an emblem on his side arm that reads BSAA. A woman had also joined the sprawl. She was toned, had dark skin, a pony tail hair style and a scantily clad outfit with a BSAA emblem. Wesker had been finally restrained “SHEVA DO IT NOW!” yelled the BSAA male but Wesker managed to break free and kicks Sheva back. Wesker grabbed the BSAA male and flipped him over “Nice try Chris but you’re going to have to do better than that” said Wesker as he brought his black boot down hard in an attempt to stomp on Chris but Chris evaded quickly while Sheva jumped in with a knife in one hand and a syringe in the other; she desperately tries to hit Wesker with either; though Wesker evades her onslaught. He then sees an opening from her attacks and knocks her back. Sheva is sent flying back and lands hard on her back which leaves her stunned. Chris then tries desperately to land a punch on Wesker but is quickly subdued when Wesker grabs him by the throat. Chris desperately punches Wesker’s arm trying to loosen the grip on his throat but it’s to no avail. “Time to finish this” says Wesker with a sinister smile. Wesker clenches his free hand into a fist to deliver the final blow. Wesker has his back turned to you. You then see the syringe on the ground by Sheva; you quickly grab it and lunge at Wesker. You plunged it into his back and inject the serum into him. He lets out a cry of agony while dropping Chris. Wesker drops to his knees, clenching at his throat as he coughs profusely and then collapses face first and is left immobilized. Chris walks over to Sheva and helps her up. They both approach you “We owe you our lives” Sheva says smiling as he wipes the blood off her lower lip “You having the makings of a fine BSAA member one day” says Chris as he hands you a folded card and piece of paper. Chris places the cuffs on Wesker then lifts his body and throws it over his shoulder then places it in the back of a hummer. Chris and Sheva give you their thumbs up then board their hummer and disappear down the road. You look at the paper that reads *BSAA Application* then you open the card that has funny looking logo of white whale in an orange background. Inside the card it reads ‘Thank you for faving a piece at Mobis-New-Nest’  

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