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no offers and no reason given

no animation for me then

im just going to have a little lie down for a while....
  • Mood: Depressed
anyone know where i can play it?
  • Mood: Disgust
do you ever get really sad when you realize how TERRIBLE something you really like is?
i love this song right now 

but when you listen to the lyrics , its basically this dude sexually harassing this woman on the street. 
When I saw her
Walking down the street
She looked so fine
I just had to speak

no. no you dont have to speak. shes clearly walking somewhere , dont disturb her.

I ask her name
But she turned away
As she walked
All that I can say was

again shes made it clear that shes not interested . you dont have the right to harass her.

 So tell me where you’re from, where you wanna go
But she walk pass me like I ain’t said a word
Stood there like man
'cause I don’t usually feel some type of way
But this one hit me hard in some kind of place
Like man

okay just for the men reading this, just because a woman isnt intrested doesnt mean that shes attacking your masculinity.
women are not emotionless drones with one slot for compliments and another for cock. just because you think youve paid her a compliment doesnt mean she'll take it that way. and if she does ignore you or say something back that you dont like its not an excuse to attack her or call her names . just let it go and move on.
you have to put yourself in her shoes. 
if a stranger  came up to YOU in the street and said something like " hey man , nice package. whats your name boy? "  you'd feel threatened right? what if they were leering at you like they could see throught their clothes? what if they started silently following you?
  those are actual stories from people who've been victims of street harassment . im not making those up for added effect

 and now that ive realized this im not sure i can condone listening to the song.
it was the same with blurred lines. i liked the song because it was catchy but then i watched the video and i was just disgusted
it wouldnt have been hard to make mmm yeah about your wife saying how beautiful or sexy you think she is or even a little more respectful to women in general .
  • Mood: Disgust
The world that never was  extra stages Dl by CaxceberXVI
The world that never was extra stages Dl
converted from XNA 
originals by the lovely  :iconlexakiness:

man alive was that cooked ascension stage annoying to rig.

okay this will be my last upload for a while
im going to try and focus on my work at school for a while

note or comment for the download 
So i had this weird dream  the other day part 2 by CaxceberXVI
So i had this weird dream the other day part 2
and then i decided to continue it because i can XP

if you dont like ocs or off cannon you should probably go read something else.

call of nothing by Lexakiness and me
xion axel saix and caxy by kazuki 
org 13 room by animefancy-mmd 
all credits go to square enix 


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no offers and no reason given

no animation for me then

im just going to have a little lie down for a while....
  • Mood: Depressed

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After your alarm goes off you lean over to shut it off. You yawn and rub your eyes, ready to start another day but then you’re startled by tall figure standing at the end of your bed and looking at you. The figure was draped in a spandex suit; that was covered in colors of red and black. The mysterious individual wore a spandex mask with black circles around the exterior of both eyes while the rest of the head was covered in a red color. The figure had to sword handles sticking up from behind its back. Its waist had an arsenal of weaponry from grenades to hand guns. “You know you drool when you sleep? And pee-eww do your farts stink, might wanna cut back on beans before bed” said the mysterious figure. “Get out of my room or I’ll call the cops!” you yell. “REALLY? YAY! I love police dogs there so cute, especially when there mauling on my arm but we’ll save that for later,  right now I’ve got something to do for my brother from another mother called Mobis. Hmm how to do this? QUE JEOPARDY ANTHEM! Do dee do doo doo do dee do I GOT IT! I’ll spell it out with bullets, Deadpool loves bullets especially when they’re not shot at me” said Deadpool. In that instant Deadpool drew out his hand guns and began to twirling, prancing and spinning around as he shot up every corner of your room “LA LAA LA LAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA LAAAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA BANG! And there you have it, isn’t it beautiful folks? Eat your heart out Picasso” said Deadpool. You look around your room and see in big bullet hole letters shaped into a sentence that reads from one side of your room walls to the other ‘THANKS FOR THE FAV!’ “My…” you say in sadness as you look upon the destruction caused by Deadpool. “And there you have it folks another satisfied deviant brought you in part by Mobis-New-Nest, tune in next week as I Deadpool the great art extraordinaire visit another poor sap…uhh I mean deviant and thanks them, SEXY POSE!” said Deadpool as he broke the fourth wall while posing and blows his audience a kiss. 

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